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Mainly engaged in multi-functional plastic modified masterbatch and plastic (resin) modified materials research and development, production, marketing.


Hotline: (86)21-66080773
Jiangsu Fine Polymer Materials Co.,Ltd.


Jiangsu Fine Polymer Materials is a Chinese Company. We are one 
of the Chineseleader and supplier of Modified Masterbatch for PE, PP; 
PA, PET flm. Our variousproduct inchuding Slip MasterBatch,
Antiblocking MB, Antistatic MB, AntioxidantMB, Antifog MB, 
Polymer Processing Aids MB, 
Matt Materials, Anti-reflection MB, 
stiffness MB, etc.

Question one: what is the maximum shrinkage rate of BOPE membrane? Answer: BOPE maximum shrinkage actually achieved 60% ~ 70%, but the use of the required temperature will be higher, in order to achieve such a shrinkage ratio.
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DSC differential enthalpy scanner
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is a thermal analysis technology developed on the basis of differential thermal analysis (DTA). It is defined as a technique for measuring the variation of the heat flow rate with respect to the reference under the control of a temperature program.
Surface roughness tester
The surface roughness meter is a table roughness meter for evaluating the surface quality of parts. It can measure the surface roughness of various parts.
Micro melting point apparatus
Microscopic melting point meter is widely used in medicine, chemical industry, synthetic fiber, biology, mineralogy, Criminology and other fields.
Haze transparency tester
The photoelectric Haze Meter WGW is based on GB2410 - 80 and ASTM. D1003 - 61 (1997) designed a small Haze Meter. It can be widely used to test the optical properties of transparent and translucent materials.
riction coefficient tester
The test device consists of a horizontal test bench, a slider, a force measuring system and two tests on a horizontal test bench.
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